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Paul West was convicted last month of sexually abusing a student during the 1990s at a Catholic school and was sentenced to 45 years behind bars.
Investigators said Aaron von Ehlinger pinned down his accuser and forced her to give him oral sex.
Interviews took place shortly before a federal judge halted the national mask mandate on planes and other shared transit.
The Orlando Free Fall ride has been closed indefinitely so investigators can determine how the tragedy happened.
In this tiny, wealthy emirate, the desert birds are among the nation’s most pampered residents.
The suspect claimed someone gave him the crane, and he wanted it removed so he could sell it for scrap, according to the Chilton County Sheriff’s Office.
"We were the last journalists in Mariupol. Now there are none." Associated Press journalists describe their harrowing escape as Russia began hunting them.
Scott Pace, the former head of the National Space Council, said the space station “has been largely isolated” from political events.
“I thought death had come from me,” Albanian truck driver Zef Lufi told the Associated Press after his rescue.
A bird catcher in Indonesia waited three weeks to trap the reptile before it could saw off the tire.