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Mississippi officials announced Wednesday that two Jackson officers would be facing murder charges for the incident, and a third will be tried for manslaughter.
Attorney Stephanie Rapkin, 67, said she opted for jail over community service because no one would ever accept her.
When Winona Fletcher was sentenced in 1986, she became the youngest female ever convicted of murder in the state.
Under the bill, schools and librarians could no longer argue, as a legal defense, that the texts have “educational” value, just their literary, artistic, political or scientific merit.
Michael Foster spotted the 15-foot spoon behind a fence that surrounds a Phoenix middle school baseball field, just 2 miles from the scene of the heist.
The unspecified charges against Nadezhda Tolokonnikova come at a time when the Kremlin is working to stifle political dissent.
The giant meatball was made of lab-grown cultured meat using the genetic sequence from the long-extinct pachyderm.
Agents seized the weapon but did not arrest Epps, who reportedly said he forgot it was his bag.
The infant, named Aya — Arabic for “a sign from God” — by hospital workers, may be able to leave the hospital as soon as Tuesday or Wednesday.
The search followed the discovery of documents with classified markings by attorneys last month.