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The outlet has since issued a correction, noting that the 2020 hopeful is not a native Spanish speaker.
The news agency faced backlash after blaming both Trump and Democrats for the partial government shutdown.
French authorities have detained five people, but the search for the suspected extremist continues.
Despite the backlash over his nasty remark about a woman's appearance, the president wouldn't back down.
Organizers say it will be the first multistate strike in the U.S. specifically targeting sexual harassment.
The National Hurricane Center said a huge coastal area from South Carolina to the mid-Atlantic region should prepare for a major strike late in the week.
Trump seems concerned about public perception as he approaches having spent 150 days of his term at his golf properties.
A Cessna 414 crashed about a mile from John Wayne Airport in Orange County.
A bear had the perfect summer afternoon. It swam in a jacuzzi, sipped on a margarita and topped it off with a nap in the shade.
The country's government denies it's engaged in ethnic cleansing.
“Um ... weird photo choice?” Peele tweeted in response to the mistake.
He "was a wolf in priest's clothing," the prosecutor said.
The organizer wants to promote relationships that can bridge the racial gap in her community.
It's a sharp departure from his recent predecessors, who pushed Chinese officials to allow reporters to ask questions of the two countries' leaders.