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“Who in that category is a loser?" the actress asked. "You’re five people honored for the work that you’ve done by your peers. What’s better than that?”
The 50-year-old musician says he understands the public may not be forgiving. “I can’t do nothing about that, but I try to understand where they’re coming from,” he said.
An internal report describes conversations between officials as they disagreed on whether National Guard forces were necessary to back up understaffed Capitol Police.
Special Agent James N. Hendricks allegedly leered at women in the workplace, touched them inappropriately and asked one to have sex in a conference room.
According to an Associated Press survey, more than 70 percent of university ADs claim certain sports could be cut altogether if their school paid students.
Associated Press photographer Evan Vucci exquisitely framed the image from the president's unhinged news conference.
Journalists have faced aggressive police and protesters during demonstrations across the U.S. over the killing of George Floyd.
The outlet has since issued a correction, noting that the 2020 hopeful is not a native Spanish speaker.
The news agency faced backlash after blaming both Trump and Democrats for the partial government shutdown.
French authorities have detained five people, but the search for the suspected extremist continues.