Association of American Universities

By Nancy R. Glassman, M.L.S., M.P.H Recently, the library at Einstein, where I work as a medical librarian, experienced a
"It will over time diminish the scope and strength of the educational and research efforts of American universities," one school president said.
There is no evidence that the AAU survey overestimates rates of sexual assault. It is time for this society to stop putting its energy into denying a very real problem. Instead let us accept the fact that the rates of sexual violence are way too high and work on fixing this terrible problem.
When new findings appear to reaffirm existing estimates, the tendency is to conclude that the survey was well done. To the contrary, experts have declared that the AAU survey is flawed, in concept, construction, and analyses.
A private entity like Westat is not required to disclose the members of its IRB, but the company said in a statement to HuffPost
Our nation needs to increase its commitment to the intellectual pursuit of scientific discovery - and to the "dazzling" talent in our midst. That's a proven strategy to produce the jobs that Americans want and deserve -- not directly but indirectly.
America is leading the world in scientific discoveries and technological advances, and key to that is the independence of the scientific process that has served American innovation so well in the past. It's essential to protect that process and ensure that scientific merit is determined by scientific peers.
As an HIV physician, I began my career early in the AIDS epidemic. I held my patients' hands as they cried when receiving their diagnosis. And when protease inhibitors were licensed and "triple therapy" became the norm, I could help patients plan how they would live, rather than how they would die.
  By Dave Levinthal The Center for Public Integrity The decision, confirmed to the Center by a Purdue official, will involve
Generating home-grown engineers and scientists is crucial to ensuring our nation's leadership in the technological innovations that have fueled our economy for decades.
Despite -- and perhaps because of -- stark budget realities, we must have the political will and discipline to support the humanities. Let's aim for funding of the National Endowment for the Humanities at the FY10 level of $167.5 million.
University Chancellor Harvey Perlman told faculty members in an email sent out Friday that the association’s evaluative metric
Georgia Tech has accepted its invitation to the prestigious Association of American Universities, becoming its 63rd member