bad gifts

10. "A fire extinguisher." Like it or not, gift giving is an unavoidable part of being in a relationship. 6. "One Valentine's
We all get those gifts we immediately want to throw back in the box, but no one wants to be the one giving these gifts to
Participants made wish lists that included gifts that cost around $15, and the researchers asked them to imagine receiving
Break free from the traditional boring ties or tools, and embrace the unique and unusual -- Dad will thank you (maybe)!
On Tuesday, talk show host Jimmy Fallon asked his followers on Twitter to give the low-down on the worst gifts they've ever
If you're planning on visiting friends or family this holiday season you better make sure you pick up a gift for the host
An island nation - Something with a GDP between 3 and 8 billion A makeover - Babies look crazy. They come into this world
At least one of these items ended up in the trash.
It's the thought that counts -- but who knows what these people were thinking.