black and white

Audio has emerged in which Donald Trump muses about a “blacks against whites” season of “The Apprentice”.
Get into the spirit of the season with these nostalgic photographs!
More info: This is the largest museum exhibition of Bruce Weber's photography ever displayed in the USA. "Far From Home," at
I'm very pleased with the result - and, of note, one of the limited edition prints of this image resides in the permanent
Given the option to repeat the 4:30AM wake up and return to the trail of the fire ants or do something else the next day
We live in a digital world where footprints can be expunged. But shouldn’t a newspaper of record proceed with more caution?
Turn off the news, put your shoes on. Take me on a date, to the movies tonight. We'll park the car, our masks, the world outside, and head into the old theater, where they play reels in black and white.
from "11 Metres" - David Gregory Anyone who knows me will raise an eyebrow at what they no doubt see as not only a road to
Jaco Putker's artworks are illustrations to fairy tales that don't exist.
All Photographs (c) Tim Allen, Courtesy of Tim Allen I published my second book, 'Artisans', in August 2014, and so far it
In some ways John is bringing street photography back to its roots - social documentary. Here we are not simply entertained
Rioting has no color! It's not a "black thing," it's not a "white thing," it's an "injustice thing." When a group of people feel they are not being heard, they take alternative actions. Again, I do not agree with these actions, but I do have compassion for those feeling unheard.
I'd rather see street photos that are too wide than those taken with long lenses. If you're feeling a little scared to move
My photographic method is immersive and minimal. I incorporate photography into adventures. I carry a very small kit and
Roiling fog, cars speeding across iconic bridges, late night cityscapes, all of these are commonplace in a city time-lapse. What makes Gotham City SF different is that all of this happens in black and white -- almost unheard of in time-lapse these days -- with an original soundtrack worthy of the next TRON movie.
On January 11, 2014 I had the pleasure of participating in a Second Line Parade, back in my home town of New Orleans, Louisiana. Though I'd seen hundreds growing up there, this was the first I've actually ever taken part in. Second Lining is an old tradition in New Orleans and considered a part of our cultural heritage.
When I found out I would be taking a trip up to Pennsylvania to shoot a few locations, one of them that immediately popped into my mind was Centralia (not spelled Centrailia, the sign above is misspelled for some reason). For those who don't know of this place, Centralia is a borough in Columbia County, PA. which in 1962 had a population of around 1,100 and as of now has only 10 residents who refuse to leave. It has been stripped of a zip code, mail does not run, buildings and homes have been demolished and roads now lead off to nowhere. There are no stores, no schools... nothing. It is a ghost town with a few exceptions.
Over the last ten years as a photographer, it's been a beautiful pleasure to work with incredible dancers from around the world. The following images from my ongoing series Dancers in the Dark feature two extraordinarily talented couples: World famous and Redbull-sponsored BBoy, Neguin, with his enrapturing wife, Amy Secada, as well as the uniquely brilliant Leandro Silva and Janete Silva from the Silva Dance Company, both featured in Kiesza's viral Hideaway music video.