From good lighting to the right genre, there are tips that make it easy to get into the habit of reading books.
2. Strahov Monastery Library; Prague, Czech Republic The Strahov monastery in Prague was originally founded in 1143. Despite
Book lovers are notorious hoarders. We pile books on our nightstands and squeeze them underneath our beds. We fill up bookcases
We've seen many hotels that offer a small shelf of loaner books, but these hotels went above and beyond in creating a literary oasis for their guests.
August 9th is National Book Lovers Day. Naturally, our celebration includes the littlest literati. We asked the HuffPost
A photo of kids receiving books posted on Dladla's Facebook page. While Dladla earns money from selling the books he has
"People approach me and ask to see it, to touch it, how much I like it," he said. "That rarely happens with dead-tree books
That is the dark side of being a bookworm. Reading books might help you to imagine what it's like to be a superhero, but it doesn't provide the body required by the role.