Brian Sims

Daryl Metcalfe's war of words with fellow state Rep. Brian Sims has been ongoing for years.
The photo already had over 6,000 likes and 240 shares at the time this story was published and it doesn't appear it'll be
Any assault of this severity is terrible, but when it is motivated solely because of someone's status it becomes especially abhorrent.
Pennsylvania is one of 15 states with hate crime laws that do not cover LGBT people. Every human deserves equal protection
Okay, America -- especially you in the northeast -- a friend request and one for your support has been sent. I'm just waiting for that reply. Won't you join me and demand full equality?
In his letter to Toomey, Sims focuses solely on ENDA and notes that a number of LGBT advocacy groups, such as Human Rights
Please sign on as a co-sponsor of ENDA before it's too late and please vote to affirm the American tradition of protecting and defending the civil liberties of all people.
The budget Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett has signed into law -- that maintains 81 percent of the $1 billion in cuts he imposed in 2011 and 2012 -- demonstrates that supporting Pennsylvania's youth is simply not among his values or priorities.