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The Democrat inspired a new generation of voters, but it wasn't enough to win in this deep red state.
A windfall from the new federal tax law gives many states the flexibility to comprehensively rewrite their own tax codes
A Republican with a biblical first name, Root got his political start in the executive branch and eventually served as secretary
For the last few weeks, anti-gay groups have been putting forth their best efforts to stop marriage from starting in Florida. But as luck would have it, their best efforts just weren't very good.
Something big's going to happen in Florida next week, we just don't know what yet. The Supreme Court is going to examine multiple marriage cases in early January. And new polling shows support for marriage higher than ever.
See more from the elections below: Republican Gov. Butch Otter won re-election on Tuesday against his Democratic opponent
See more from the elections below: In a recent debate, Balukoff claimed Otter is "out of touch with regular people." Republican
Fulcher supporters said the move was a stunt intended to avoid tough questions. Fulcher issued a statement Thursday evening
Incumbent C.L. "Butch" Otter won the GOP primary election for governor in the state of Idaho Tuesday. Otter beat out three
“We don’t know that the same people making it when the governor was involved in it had anything to do with the product that
Lawmakers in Idaho and more than a dozen states this year introduced legislation to safeguard privacy in the face of an emerging
And another: Expect to see more of this stuf from Republican governors who have broken from the pack and embraced, however
Via: The Advisory Board Company The New Mexico Telegram offers some additional detail about Martinez's speech in Albuquerque
"There’s a lot more work to do, and we face no immediate federal deadline. We have time to do this right, and there is broad
Via: The Advisory Board Company Pennsylvania will allow the federal government to implement a major part of President Barack
Sandoval also is one of just five Republican state officials who plan to adopt another key component of Obamacare's expansion
Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam (R) rejected a state-run health insurance exchange on Monday. On Tuesday, Utah Gov. Gary Herbert
Wisconsin was one of the few remaining holdouts until Friday, the original deadline for states to declare whether they would
“We still think it’s best at this time to let the federal government run the exchange,” she told a gathering of the Columbus