A Los Angeles judge ruled in favor of a nonprofit that says coffee sellers must post warnings about a carcinogen.
Plus what being a carcinogen actually means.
As athletes with cancer continue to come forward, the government is investigating whether synthetic fields are truly safe.
Experts from Harvard and the American Cancer Society reveal the latest on cancer and diet.
DDT was once thought safe, too. Are we going to keep believing chemical companies when they promise a pesticide is safe, only to find out years later it has threatened human lives?
Do you love apples? You might want to find a new favorite fruit. A new report from the Environmental Working Group found that 80 percent of apples are coated with a pesticide that's banned in Europe because it could be carcinogenic.
Lead, regardless of the level, is found in makeup around the country. Even in makeup intended for kids. Halloween can be an opportunity for toxic mayhem OR it can be an opportunity to learn, educate and buy carefully.