cheryl strayed

The whole scene looks like it could be a spread right out of Goop Magazine.
"I have to start thinking about it, don’t I?"
Seriously, chill the f**k out.
It would be easy to look back at the circumstances, or our age, or our lack of life experience and blame those reasons for
“Love is not a being word, it is an action word."
This summer I was invited to the Mendocino Writers Conference, where at the opening reception in downtown Mendocino (where one can't help but evoke Jessica Fletcher of Murder, She Wrote) each presenter was asked to come to the microphone to share their best piece of writing advice.
Internet personality and YouTube star Ingrid Nilsen shares her favorite inspirational quote.
1. You get to really, truly know your ex 2. You get closer to God 3. Your real friends will be all who is left 4. The guilt