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"Our work dispels the view that women were just trying to please men," researcher Laurel Bossen says.
BEIJING -- Chinese people fear that regardless of who moves into the White House in 2017, the United States will put more pressure on China to restrain its behavior.
Nobelist Robert Shiller has lamented this fact in a recent New York Times Upshot column. "Economic inequality is already
Environmental and labor protections are just a smokescreen for the true purpose of the TPP.
Of course, some remain optimistic. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang is one of them. At the World Economic Forum (WEF) held on Tuesday
China's role in the US economy requires a better understanding of this love-hate relationship and the potential impact of this election season. So where do we stand?
Chinese auto manufacturer GAC Motors is poised to enter the US market in 2017. With its newest GA8 Sedan the company hopes to achieve what no other Chinese auto maker has: a viable US presence.
China's mishandling of its financial markets continues to reverberate through its own economy and global financial markets.
If a product is positioned as unique, smart marketing companies will typically use all three of these strategies in combination