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The private school is defending its "biblical Christian views."
It's not a secret that the US education system is in need of change, as international measures of student performance place us behind countries like South Korea and Finland in math, reading, and science performance. But faith-based instruction is seldom singled out as part of the problem.
Married couple Brian Copeland and Greg Bullard have been searching for the perfect school to send their young son. Much to the couple's surprise, following a telephone call to the school, they received a letter stating unequivocally that they were not welcome to even meet with the headmaster.
One school describes itself as "purposeful, passionate, spiritual, nurturing, and mentoring." These are not just empty words. The school is well meaning for straight kids. But nurturing should be extended to all students, including the gay and questioning children who surely number in the student body.
But James said she was humiliated after being pulled into her supervisor's office last fall, where she was asked if she was
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Melissa Stasiuk, also a former student, claims house parent Ned Kent lifted her by her throat and slammed her onto a kitchen
How has the rise of faith-based private schools affected the American ethos? One result has been the gradual takeover of governmental and judicial institutions by religiously indoctrinated and motivated politicians and workers.
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How does a child make sense of the Bible and its stories when they begin to learn about the mysteries of the universe, the unknowns, the billions of people with different beliefs?