chronic traumatic encephalopathy

The aim is to prevent children in the seventh grade or younger from suffering traumatic head injuries.
The Washington State quarterback took his own life in January.
The people in charge of football’s future are still not taking CTE risks seriously enough.
Everyone knows about the NFL's association with brain injury. But people who never get there also face a very real threat.
Former standout Utah State college football star, and for a short time NFL hopeful, De’Von Hall stands accused of the murder
McKee: I don't know. I don't want to hazard a guess, quite honestly. I'd rather not speculate. I am very concerned that it's
Kevin Turner, who died in March at age 46, is the latest former football player to be diagnosed with the brain trauma disease.
Ali with The Beatles in 1964 "They don't look at fighters to have brains. They don't look at fighters to be businessmen, or
"Regardless of how you get it, through BMX or hockey, you are at risk for this."