Whether you live in a tiny apartment or just own way too much stuff, these things should bring some order to your life.
Proper storage is an ignored step for longer-lasting clothes.
How to be Your Own Fashion Editor by Sharon White with Janna Beatty Ask any of your friends the question, "How are you?" and
5. Make your own accessories rack. Here's how.  6. And use an ice cube tray. Here's why. 7. Use a hanging shoe organizer
Photo: Nino Muñoz 10 Unbelievable Dream Closets By ELIZABETH STAMP for Architectural Digest. An Exclusive Tour of Caitlyn
Jewelry Adding inserts is a cost-effective way to keep drawers organized. "We usually do a insert program for all the jewelry
Looking for organization inspiration? These over-the-top closets and dressing rooms from the AD archives will inspire a wardrobe revise (or a major shopping spree).
Trying to realistically think of a number for how much money you've got sitting in your closet -- the collected amount you've spent on dresses, jeans and shoes -- can be terrifying. If you're brave, take a second to think about how much money you think you have sitting in your closet.
Sometimes, they can even serve a greater purpose than just displaying possessions. Kerrie Kellie, a design expert for Zillow
It's that time of year to pack up your summer clothes and bring out your boots and scarves. Unless, of course, your closet is big enough for both, like the ones found in these five homes for sale.
Since I started writing this I've filled up four big blue Costco bags with clothes I haven't worn in years, which I'll drop at Goodwill later this afternoon. And then I'll get started on the makeup drawer. I feel 10 pounds lighter just thinking about it.
Life doesn't have to be complex. Clear the decks and there's more room to experience what is new and relevant now, in every moment. If we can just go inside as often as possible and take inventory of what we are experiencing, good and bad, then we won't accumulate so much unconsciously. We can bring our super-conscious awareness in.
Silver Traditional Closet by Toccoa Furniture & Accessories Habersham French Country Traditional Closet by Milford General
This room merits its own Instagram account.