conflict of interest

President Donald Trump said he's considering slapping tariffs on French wine to retaliate for a new digital service tax. Trump Winery in Virginia would stand to gain.
Newsom ordered the firing of Ken Harris on Thursday over an increase in fracking permits and conflict of interest allegations among senior officials.
USA Gymnastics cut ties with Edward Nyman on Tuesday citing a "conflict of interest."
"The litany of red flags is just extraordinary,” a former IRS official told The Trace.
After he was nominated as treasury secretary, he transferred film company holdings to his fiancée, whom he married a month later.
T-Mobile spent $195,000 at Trump’s hotel while lobbying his administration to approve a massive merger.
They plan to get answers on the president’s anti-immigration policies and the conflicts of interest and corruption plaguing the administration.
The veteran journalist suggested how Trump could start to come clean.
Apparent conflicts of interest are nothing new at the Interior Department.
Four Democrats requested the Office of Government Ethics investigate meetings between Scott Pruitt's replacement and his former clients.
But it's Congress that must take action, acting ethics head David Apol said.
Time and again his explanations for wasteful spending have proven to be less than true.
"No serious news org would allow someone this conflicted to cover this story," he said.
The Trump Organization used the presidency to pressure a foreign head of state, critics say.
The costs included hotel rooms and car service for a Secret Service detail, according to CBS.
Her dual roles raise conflict of interest questions and may imperil her permanent government security clearance.
"It’s ridiculous for anyone to try and attack what they do for this nation.”
“If you’re getting paid by somebody to write about your official duties, that seems to me a clear problem," an ethics expert says.
The hotel took home around $2 million in profit this year.