Not having notice doesn’t have to stop you from making your guests feel special! Show your friends & family how much you care (and what a great host you are!) by making them a treat from scratch using items you already have at home in your pantry.
In “The Holiday,” Jude Law’s character builds an amazing fort for his daughters. Build a quick DIY fort for you and friends to watch the movie in.
When unexpected visitors say they’re dropping by, follow these quick & easy steps to make your home feel welcoming & appealing to all five senses.
ArtLifting operates like any other gallery -- except it also empowers people who may not otherwise be able to sell their work.
Two exhibits of my work, Oil and Water and Re/Viewing the American Landscape are currently on view at Blue Water Fine Arts in Port Clyde, Maine. I've been spending summers painting in Maine for close to forty years and exhibiting there for over thirty.
Asheville is a lovely town in North Carolina where hipsters meet farmers, artists meet artisans, street food meets street people, and where adventurous restaurants lure masses of hungry tourists.
This abundance of connectivity has created a conundrum. It's what author and psychologist Barry Schwartz calls the paradox of choice. Simply put -- when we have too many options, too much input -- we find ourselves overwhelmed with abundance.
I intend to create beauty wherever I am: a clean, clear space may just be the brilliant bouncing-off place for a whole new level of blessings.
To put it a different way: "Dang these kids today." Anyway, as usual the comments from people proposing words for the banished list were pretty amusing at times.
Quietly, YouTube has embarked on a mission to evolve beyond its history of clips and clicks into a full-fledged channel. Actually, a channel of channels.
Services like depend on a community of millions of hardworking experts who wonder what to do with the wealth of knowledge and wisdom they have accumulated in life and are happy to share it.
Companies that hope to remain competitive know they need to maintain a presence on social media sites. But how can they integrate customer service into the operation?
'Gallery Goer Asks The Question, What Is This Shit?' - Paddy Johnson knows all about art and why sometimes it's really not
A number of the web's most trusted voices have started to embrace a concept that could have massive ramifications -- to manage, and make useful, the massive growth of content on the web, sites must embrace curation.
Now, we're back to programming. Without cable - we've been surviving on over the air and GoogleTV - which is still very much
Customers are Google's greatest strength -- but without engagement and transparency -- they're going to find they've lost trust. Once that happens -- then there's a real opportunity for competition.
As a Content Strategist for large brands and sites, it's Scime's job to understand what editorial assets a site has --and
First, differentiate between your address book and your contacts. I keep over 600 contacts in my Google Contacts, so I can
MySpace is undergoing a wholesale change to the editorial thinking of the site. As MySpace exec's explained to me, they went looking under the hood and found a untapped goldmine of member generated tastes, picks and passions.