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7.5 million women in the U.S. experience fertility issues, and those who use self-tracking technology face multiple challenges.
You'll be able to stop Facebook from linking browsing data with your account.
“We connect people. Period. That’s why all the work we do in growth is justified," an executive wrote in 2016.
This week it was announced that the 2020 Census will not include questions about sexual orientation and gender identity. Later
About one in every seven people on the planet will migrate at one point in their lives. But not all forms of migration are
Inclusivity is also a particular challenge when it comes to citizen science projects. It can be difficult to involve people
In many ways, the history of the LGBT community is a history of battling invisibility. Since the dawn of time, society has tried to make us invisible. We gained strength as a community only by shedding that invisibility, coming out, and proudly saying who we are.
But it's still unclear whether terrorists used encryption technology in the attacks.
It's not that data-collecting services don't have dark risks for personal privacy. Everyone knows that. But now that everyone knows that, what's it worth to you to take that risk?
Human Rights Watch, a nonprofit based in New York, said the database threatened the confidentiality of its sources worldwide
On the last EcoWatch report card our oceans received a "D" grade. This grade is based on factors including pollution, overfishing and the impacts of climate change, biodiversity, carbon storage, coastal protection, clean waters, natural products, coastal livelihoods, economies, tourism and recreation.
When it comes to improving the lives of the world's poor, data collection may not be as sexy of a focus as improving access to clean water or more nutritious food. But better data is essential to monitoring progress and ultimately maximizing impact.
In the wake of the recent deaths at police hands of Michael Brown and so many others, people have rightly called for a thorough empirical analysis of how often and under what circumstances the police shoot civilians.