dead sea

In response to the recent mass shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas, many people are arguing about whether
Though my mind was alight with inspiration, like many stories, this one is not without peril. Just a few hours after an enlightening
4. Bar-Lounging in Peru 5. Deep-Tissue Massage at Sea The sun deck of my Holland America ship, the Ryndam, is the place for
Combine this 4 ways of dead sea mud treatments and you will find your fountain of youth! The history of mud Cleopatra and
Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, Costa Rica Orangutans in Malaysian Borneo Antarctica from a cruise ship Famously the inspiration
Once we learn to let go of our personal issues and ego, it leads us to in turn wonder why we act the way we do, too.
From time to time we share a random video clip to fuel your travel dreams. Join us today as we visit the lowest point on earth -- the fabled Dead Sea -- where locals rely on the water's minerals to keep their skin young. En route to the Dead Sea, Medjool dates are ripe for tasting in Jericho.
Jordanians are not known to be the most cheerful among Arabs; in fact, their reputation is that they constantly frown and rarely smile.
For those of you who may have forgotten the O'Toole film or missed the last week's documentary, Masada is an ancient fortress located between the Dead Sea and the Judean desert. Though that sounds a bit academic, there is nothing at all dry or boring about Masada. Herod's temple is breathtaking in scope and scale.
Despite the unrest that is currently engulfing the Middle-East, certain parts of it are actually a great place for a family vacation. My twin boys and I ventured to Jordan and Israel for winter break.
Jordan is a destination that is sometimes misunderstood. The land of lost cities and epic adventures like Lawrence of Arabia, it's a place that should be much more popular than it is.
Actually, we will never know the exact birth date of Jesus. But that really doesn't make any difference, for we know that Jesus was a real person who is still alive and is a very real presence in our lives today. Let us focus on that as we prepare for a blessed Christmas celebration.
And as one of the most spectacular lakes on Earth (or, rather, a sinkhole filled with water in the desert), Laguna Cejar
'You have to stay hopefully in the low times, and humble in the high times?' Those are the words on which Steven Izen, 23, founded Lokai in 2013. I sat down with Steven to learn about his personal journey, Lokai's beginnings, and the bracelet he hopes will inspire others.
23. In the U.S., "resting" means taking a short break from your iPhone. In Israel, it means waking up at noon, eating, napping
I recently returned from a place that comes just short of this ultimate alchemy -- Israel, a small strip of desert with no water or oil. Not an ideal place to build an agricultural oasis. But that is exactly what the Israeli water conservationists have accomplished.