Duct tape

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The Miami couple believes what they call "an otherwise inexpensive and perishable piece of produce and a couple inches of duct tape” will become "an iconic historical object.”
Convicted thief Franklyn Williams wouldn't stop talking during his sentencing hearing.
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I never would have thought to decorate a stool with duct tape, but I'm so glad Amy of DIY Candy did! This Paul Frank-themed
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"The dynamic, carefree lifestyle and fashion of the 1920s inspired these Duck Tape outfits (which we later discovered matched
"That's an old, old technique used to create emotion," Fleming said. "Without the full context, without a full evaluation
From the "why did it take so long for someone to do this" file, comes this DuckTales theme parody in honor of that most noble
It's prom night! My date is 14,000 people and I'm wearing -- wait for it -- a duct tape ball gown. The party is a parallel universe where DJs fly through the air, glow sticks abound and the average height is 3' 6".
3. Make An Emergency Bandage If you're nowhere near a first aid kit when someone develops a cut, apply some sterile, absorbent
The children were reportedly unharmed by the duct tape. But when she sent a picture of her taped 8-year-old son to his father
Think Duct Tape Guy was a rare case? Here's a worst-of-the-worst roundup of the airline industry's most infamous inebriates.
WDAF reports that fellow parent Linda Lujan said the same bus driver also threatened to duct tape the mouth of Connor, her
Only after school administrators talked to almost 100 students did she learn that a substitute teacher used red duct tape
The sixth grade class at Intermediate School 339 was taking a test, and teacher Marcy Rubenstein became irritated after the
Going to college is expensive, but you don't need to be a genius to get a scholarship to pay for your education. Love Dr
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It turns out that we have something in common with 2011 Miss America winner Teresa Scanlan. She's obsessed with using duct
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