economic recovery

The package includes an influx of resources for the coronavirus vaccine rollout and economy recovery
We need more stimulus to deal with COVID-19, but until the public health crisis is contained don't expect miracles.
The U.S. economy still faces threats, and without further support, those downward trends could still emerge, the Fed chairman said.
Trump’s remarks signaled how contentious the campaign may get over the coming months.
A sudden resurgence of COVID-19 cases is threatening to derail what had looked like the start of an economic recovery.
“He agrees that it is hurting the economic recovery” from the pandemic, Sen. Lindsey Graham said after speaking with the president.
Governors are lifting coronavirus quarantines based on faulty statistics and meaningless metrics.
The shape of the economic recovery will depend on the central bank.
The president stuck to his relentlessly optimistic view of the nation's ability to rebound soon.
The president said the country was in “very good shape” on COVID-19 testing, even as governors continue to report issues with procuring adequate supplies.