ed whelan

Whelan offered to resign from his post as president of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, a conservative think tank.
"I had to chuckle at Schumer's brazen shamelessness," Whelan writes: There was the architect of the Democrats' unprecedented
Media Matters' response: "That's too little, too late." Following Media Matters' statement, Whelan updated his post with
As Elena Kagan has emerged a front-runner for President Obama's nomination to the Supreme Court, the right wing's opposition playbook has not been updated in decades. But the world has changed around it.
This whole big plate of hot mess went down this weekend between these two legal affairs bloggers, and the whole thing ended with the masked blogger getting unmasked, which is a violation of the "bro code" or something.
But Sotomayor is not the only nominee to the court who has publicly supported a sitting president. The conservatives criticizing
Ed Whelan baselessly speculates in the National Review that Barack Obama's deceased mother "very possibly" would have aborted