"Every elementary teacher, history teacher, science teacher, and English teacher should engage learners in activities in
Neighboring states will ride these coattails - I saw a few nametags from Rhode Island, for example. And that's where Michael
C. M. Rubin and Pasi Sahlberg Educational data mining focuses on interpreting evidence from large amounts of noisy and unstructured
Our Global Teacher Bloggers are pioneers and innovators in fields such as technology integration, mathematics coaching, special
Keith: Teachers are truly interested and eager to receive quality professional development that will improve their practice
It is a question posed daily by students to teachers across the country. Sometimes, the answer can seem a bit esoteric: "Yes, Johnny, you will need calculus in the real world." But providing an answer to pupils in today's civics classrooms should be far easier and direct since these kids are literally witnessing one of the most combative and contested presidential elections in history.
For too long, education technology decision-making has been driven by marketing rather than merit. Investors, entrepreneurs -- and, all too often educators -- mistake scale for impact. We assume popular solutions have tapped into a fundamental need -- and that they work to produce the results we want.
India's increasing population of differently abled individuals means that the need for educational and employment resources is apparent now more than ever.
Education technology is quickly growing into a loud, crowded and even confusing space. However, with thousands of startups coming on board every day, how do we break through all the noise? As any teacher would tell you, the bottom line for any educational product must answer one fundamental question: Does the tool or resource help teachers make learning more effective for their students?
The OECD's new report, School Leadership for Learning: Insights from Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS) 2013