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eldad hagar

Pepsi and Cola are a testament to the “deep capacity for love” that dogs have.
“Though they may not have a lot of years left to live, they still have a lot of love to give.”
  Video captures the moment a mother pit bull and her litter were rescued from under a house in California. In the video
“Wait, wait, give me one second. Let’s talk about this,” he said soothingly to the scared dog, reaching out a hand. “Look
Hagar drove Thor to the vet, where the dog received medical treatment and was given a much-needed bath. When Hagar finally
But as the YouTube video shows, Jordan soon recovered from his injury and his subsequent transformation is simply astounding
“When we received the call for help, we were told that there had originally been two dogs, but one drowned earlier in the
Just one glimpse at this beautiful face is proof enough of the power of second chances. This article has been updated with
Watch Miley’s remarkable transformation in the video above, and visit Hope For Paws’ website and Facebook page to learn more
Popeye is up for adoption through It's The Pits, a San Diego rescue group specializing in finding new families for so-called
As with the other homeless dogs the Los Angeles-based animal rescue has saved, Elmer and Elsie's transformations weren't
But still, I couldn't get that little terrier out of my mind. She was a scruffy little thing who looked a lot like Toto in