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She sold her first painting when she was 89 years old. And she has no time for patriarchal bulls**t.
Ellsworth Kelly died Sunday. His unique, groundbreaking art is owned by almost every art museum of significance in the world. He made radical simplicity a monumental endeavor.
Artist died at home on Sunday of natural causes.
One can hope that through special exhibitions and new acquisitions (it estimates that it averages one new acquisition a week), The Broad will discover, and embrace, its obligation to the public to truly represent the art of our time.
While it skews predictably toward a New York-centric perspective, it succeeds in many ways by introducing the works of lesser-known or hitherto marginalized artists alongside canonical classics.
Until a couple of months ago, I never heard of the Portuguese cities, Estoril and Cascais, but wouldn't you agree that these names sound like music to your ears?
What would a work like this say about the world from which it came? The essence may be so radical it couldn't yet be put
Keltie Ferris has just opened a stunning exhibition of "body prints" at Chapter NY. These intimate works were created by pressing her oiled body, clothed and unclothed, against paper on the studio floor and then dragging powdered pigment along the paper, revealing her imprint.
Ellworth Kelly, the master of lyrical minimalism, enjoyed his 90th birthday this past month with a trio of exhibitions at Matthew Marks's Chelsea gallery spaces and with concurrent showings at the Museum of Modern Art, in midtown, and the Mnuchin Gallery, uptown.
There have been many strong shows by mid-career and mature artists as of late, and this month the trend continues. In Houston
Ellsworth Kelly (American, born 1923). Chatham IX: Black Green. 1971. Oil on canvas, two joined panels. 109 x 96″ (276.9
And in his handsome barn-like multi-roomed studio in the Hudson River Valley, he presents a newly completed piece, a relief
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Ellsworth Kelly is known for his simple harp-edged shapes with an energy that exceeds their crisp borders. Yet Kelly fans
In the years since, embassies have gotten decorating help from America's most beloved artists, including John Baldessari
LGBT artists have continually challenged mainstream understandings of gender and sexuality, and the impact of this on our