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These instructions from vintage etiquette manuals still ring true—because courtesy never goes out of style.
By now you’re well versed in the art of fabulous hostessing. But what about staying at someone else’s home? Here are eight
Parents and etiquette experts weigh in on this modern trend.
There's an app for every aspect of wedding planning now. But it's a double-edged sword. Just because you CAN do something more quickly and easily than ever before, doesn't necessarily mean it's a good idea.
Should you put your napkin in your lap? You might also ask, did the mountain come to Muhammad? There are those who believe
You know what they say: The road to grandma's is paved with good intentions.
It was once fairly common for Russian dignitaries to visit surrounding villages. Local merchants and villagers would present
It was the last First Annual Heckel Tacky Christmas Gala, a festive blur of gold lamé turtlenecks, Slim Jims and Easy Cheese platters, Carlo Rossi wine sold by the jug and three hours of dirty regret before the party ended early in the emergency room.
I frequently feel like I'm channeling Miss Clara. Bad manners abound. Men who won't allow a woman to exit an elevator first. Cars that honk after waiting less than a second at a light that just changed. People cracking their gum so loudly it sounds like a trip to the gun range. And don't get me started about talking in a movie theater.
Let's face it, weddings and all the related festivities are opportunities for awkward moments and a bit of hand wringing. As parents, we want to do more than just survive our child's wedding.
We may be living in a digital landscape that Emily Post never saw coming, but it's still considered poor taste to text at
Colonial women held "birthing parties" in the home of the pregnant woman, in which friends drank "groaning beer" in sympathy with the mother-to-be's labor pains. Even poor colonial women who could not afford lavish meals experienced labor and after-birth surrounded by female friends.
Every time I go to the theater and I find myself having to enter a row where there are people already seated, I experience the same moment of indecision: "How do I navigate this? Which way do I go in -- facing the stage or facing the people?"
Maybe it's just me. Maybe it's most people. Even when I walk into a clothing store with perfect racks that are color coordinated
For any potential invites still on the fence, think about your relationship with this person five years from now. Is there a chance you will look at wedding pictures and say, "Who is that? I cannot believe they were at my wedding!"
"Dear Emily Post, My wife and I are having a disagreement about social media. She feels that it is inappropriate when I send photographs of my penis to women I have never met in person."
I'd like some advice on how to handle questions that I'd just rather not answer. My husband's health hasn't been so great