emotional eating

You should eat that cookie for the sake of enjoyment, not as therapy or comfort.
Certain foods can actually help your brain trigger sleep and suppress your appetite.
Then the thoughts about food go away until they get hungry again. Crazy right? Love, the minute we are exposed to a stressful
Emotions are your own personal guide. Ask it what it's trying to teach you and then wait for the answer to come. But, even
... bombarded by fear of the "obesity epidemic," surrounded by diet culture, fitspo, thinspo -- and peppered with unrepresentative
And then, negating, ignoring, suppressing and in the most extreme cases, detaching from emotions becomes a habit. After all
Getting votes is a priority, but preventing health problems should be a concern.
In our modern society, food is much more than a way to feed our body. Food is about what we eat but it's also about who we are: whether we like it or not, it's also a part of our cultural identity.
Here is my advice to you parents, as you send your kids off to college: a little chocolate-covered dried fruit basket and a fluffy teddy bear might be exactly what your college-age kids need to stay healthy. Knowing they have your love and emotional support as they make this difficult transition may help them way more than any food or exercise plan.
So these two pieces together: Eating when you're comfortably hungry, and giving yourself unconditional permission to eat whatever you want is where you'll find your off-switch.
We’re all running out of time. This awareness hits me like a ton of bricks whenever I take a step back to think about the
So why not start appreciating the unique shape and size that YOUR body comes in? You don't need to look like the cookie cutter shape of the photoshopped models to feel great about the way you look.
What if you were to ask yourself this one question, each time you ate something. What might happen as a result?
Ask your desire questions (in the friendliest tone!). This is very interesting when done with your non-dominant hand: What
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In one sweeping moment of realization, standing barefoot on a manual metal scale in a doctor's office at 10:00 on a Monday
Stop thinking about dieting, and instead start thinking about living healthy regardless of the time of day or year. Evaluate your current eating patterns and ask yourself, "Are they serving me?"