emotional eating

Comfort foods provide a hit of pleasure during the coronavirus pandemic, but that's often followed by negative feelings. Experts explain why.
Eating mindfully is the key to stress eating. But when all else fails, turn to mandarins.
You should eat that cookie for the sake of enjoyment, not as therapy or comfort.
Certain foods can actually help your brain trigger sleep and suppress your appetite.
Nope again- that would make them physically uncomfortable and normal eaters avoid that feeling when they can. Plus- they
Ride the wave of that emotion out until it subsides. As hard and painful as it may be, the emotion is there for a reason
You're mired in a weight obsessed culture Avoidance is an option! Avoiding won't work long term, and it's not healthy to
If you could learn to pause before taking the first emotional bite just long enough to allow yourself to fully experience
Ultimately, to overcome shame eating you gotta be okay being who you are and accept yourself fully, flaws and all. We're