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The United States “continues to be the only advanced economy that does not guarantee its workers paid vacation.”
The provision is really just a tax break for companies that already offer some paid leave.
While there are certainly costs associated with instituting preventative healthcare measures, these expenses pale in comparison to the cost of lost productivity and preventable treatment. So let's look at some of the ways that businesses can keep employees healthier and minimize sick days.
Healthy food can improve moods and keep people energized. You can't argue with nutritional science. By offering an array
In early 2016, Jessica Leber of Fast Company made an impressively strong case for increased corporate investment--time, energy
To be clear this is not just an employer issue. Most consultants work in silos too and vendor solutions for merging workers
Photo Credit: Strategic Stephanie 7. Act like a tourist Mindset will be everything to make the most out of your staycation
A staycation is an incredible, under-utilized way to spend your hard earned vacation days. If you're working full time, you
From extended paid maternity leave to breast milk shipping on the company's tab, employers nationwide are embracing new and innovative family-friendly benefits.
Employers are finding it necessary to vigilantly watch prescription drug prices. They are striving to keep costs controlled by trying new approaches like using five or more tiers for cost sharing, where the highest tier is for the highest-priced drugs--usually specialty drugs. Moving forward, employers will continue exploring unique cost-saving measures like referenced-based pricing.
Although not as common of a practice today, some organizations may have several employment classifications, such as hourly
Whether or not Obamacare is repealed, it will have left an impact on the health care landscape.
If you've tried to hire an app developer lately, you've likely noticed a growing problem in the field. The demand for talented
Yet that's not what that statistic tells us at all. Men and women tend to make very different choices about work, which dramatically
With an influx of policies impacting transgender people and transgender rights on the forefront of LGBT issues, more and more workplaces are expanding employee benefit offerings to create a more trans-friendly environment.