On the 4th anniversary of her passing, I've reflected on all the family moments we have missed her presence, but in some way we all know she is there.
In the Jewish religion, a funeral service is planned rather quickly, and in this case we found ourselves at the funeral service
When I was holding her in those last moments as her breaths slowed, her eyes, which had half shut and glazed, suddenly opened, focused on me and then beyond me.
Later, Hoffman turned to Martin to help him prepare for his role as Fr. Flynn in the movie "Doubt." During "The Last Days
Some people die young. And that's not right. But when you reach a certain age, you no longer get to use death as an excuse
"The promise of Christmas with its theme of natality," Elshtain maintained, entails the perennial "possibility that something new and unexpected might burst through the crust of 'the same'
At this time of sorrow and burden, he would have you remember the passages from Joshua and Isaiah he had used in accepting
Annie Rawlings' work exemplified a kind of "interfaith in the rough" that arises from the compassionate teachings of all the world's great religious traditions.
Laurie Anderson wrote a beautiful, brief obituary for her husband Lou Reed. Printed in the East Hampton Star, the piece shares