fact checking

Matt Maddock, a Republican state representative, warned "fact checkers" not to be "sloppy" or risk being sued under his proposed legislation.
Daniel Dale said Trump is living in an “alternate universe” with his lies right now.
“For fact-checkers, the period from Friday through Sunday was one of the most challenging of Trump’s entire presidency," said Daniel Dale.
The president accused the platform of "stifling free speech" after it added a link to reports debunking his tweets about mail-in ballots leading to fraud.
In a Stanford study, fact checkers were the best at spotting propaganda and fake news.
The diarist is the real deal, her editors at Refinery29 insist. But as a former diarist myself, I have some hard truths to reveal.
The popular debunking site claims it's being held hostage.
Politicians skilled in the psychology of persuasion can take advantage of our thinking errors to manipulate us. Unless we are paying attention, we are highly likely to be influenced by their appeals to these flawed patterns of feeling and thinking, and make biased political decisions.