family meals

There's a middle ground between preparing healthy meals and grabbing Happy Meals every night.
September is National Family Meals Month - a nationwide event designed to inspire American families to commit to making mealtime
It is also imperative to follow proper food safety practices to reduce the risk of food poisoning. Remind children to refrigerate their lunch within two hours. If the child won't have access to a refrigerator, pack lunch in an insulated cooler with plenty of icepacks.
OutSpeak's Skinny Mom shows you how to make this simple summer side dish.
Don't get me wrong - France is no paradise, and some things could certainly be better. High-school kids smuggle sweets into
And the Greek Diner Souffléed Omelet is really fun because it's a magic trick. You can put any filling in there and the kids
I once thought my moms traits were old-fashioned, frugal, and even quirky. Now, over three decades later, I see them as progressive, healthy and wise. It turns out that my mom was ahead of the curve.
I grew up in a big Italian family where family meals were a regular occurrence. When it came to starting my own family, I just assumed we'd approach meals with the same mentality. Of course we would all eat together!
Here are some of the connections I researched while working on my book, Home for Dinner. And remember, none of these requires a gourmet meal or a trip to the bookstore. Library books and a takeout pizza are just as good.