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An analysis of DNA results revealed the senator and drag icon are closely related.
The House speaker learns about his heritage in an upcoming episode of the TV show "Finding Your Roots."
Although nothing materially changes when you know your ancestry, somehow it ameliorates part of the mystery of who you are and where you came from. Just because of a little bit of spit in a test tube, I now know at least part of the story of my forebears - as told by my DNA.
And do they really want to toss aside potential female viewers? After all, every survey I can find about genealogy concludes
Oh, we've flirted with it in the past. African American Lives, Ancestors, Ancestors in the Attic, Faces of America, Find
Mia Farrow on 'Finding Your Roots'
One of the last TV shows you'd expect to find dusting itself off from a small, but embarrassing content-suppression scandal would be Finding Your Roots, Professor Henry L. Gates's genealogy program on PBS.
The show has hired a new fact-checker and two new genealogists as part of its reforms.
Season 3 of the popular show, hosted and produced by Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates, Jr., was put on hold until certain measures were implemented.