Hope Carrasquilla, who was  forced to resign after students were shown an image of Michelangelo’s iconic statue, viewed the masterpiece in person on Friday in Florence.
The new logo uses the name Florence, and arranges two letters after the F into an exclamation point.
Rescuers from the Humane Society of Missouri saved the dog in a dramatic scene caught on video.
How one North Carolina clinic helped patients with opioid addiction during the storm.
Coal ash might be escaping and flowing into the river.
There are also farms cut off from vital supplies like animal feed, a state official said.
North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper warned that dangerously high water would persist for days.
Emergency workers delivered 23 truckloads of food and water to Wilmington, which has been mostly cut off from the rest of North Carolina.
Helping other people was the first thing on their minds.
The city of Lumberton is underwater for the second time in as many years.