free speech

The First Amendment only applies to the abridgment of free speech by the government, not by private companies, the judge noted.
No lawsuits have to be filed in order for the law to be successful.
Lots of things! Beware the Zuckerbergian fall from grace.
Vladimir Kara-Murza, a well-known opposition activist, has openly criticized the Kremlin for its brutal invasion of Ukraine.
Exercise caution when drunk-tweeting across the pond.
A rare show of public dissent across Russia on Thursday was brutally suppressed.
U.S. District Judge Robert Pitman pointed out that social media companies are privately owned platforms with their own First Amendment rights.
The former president's Truth Social website comes complete with some built-in irony.
Queer and trans software engineer Terra Field and two others were punished for reportedly crashing a meeting with the streamer’s top executives.
Physical education teacher Tanner Cross said it was "sinning" against God to call transgender students by their preferred pronouns.