free speech

The Republican governor’s motion was filed a day after Disney announced that it was scrapping plans to build a new campus in central Florida.
Five TikTok content creators argue the law is an unconstitutional violation of free speech rights.
Musk had initially pledged to leave the account up as evidence of his "commitment to free speech."
It was a dramatic turnaround from Musk’s catch phrase “transparency is the key to trust,” and “sunlight is the best disinfectant.”
Twitter has long urged employees to “communicate fearlessly to build trust.” That era seems to be over.
A Trump-appointed judge said the self-anointed poll guards' heavy-handed tactics aren't enough to curtail their First Amendment rights.
Musk insists he purchased Twitter to "help humanity" and doesn't seek to further divide society with unmoderated content as he had previously indicated.
Iran's "Woman! Life! Freedom!" protests continue despite crackdowns, but the movement's future is unclear.
The president gets in the last word during this encounter.
The First Amendment only applies to the abridgment of free speech by the government, not by private companies, the judge noted.