friends with benefits

We aren’t friends if we have drinks and apps together once.
Having sex with a friend can be complicated, but these guidelines from dating experts can make FWB arrangements easier.
Brilliant present ideas for him, no matter your relationship status.
Breakups suck at the best of times, but there's no reason to go through those motions with someone who was -- for all intents and purposes -- an extended fling. So here you have it, the ten commandments of Friends With Benefits.
I've made out with my friends a few times, sure. It happens. But I've never sat down with someone and hashed out all the details, signed a contract or solemnly sworn on a sacred copy of The Joy of Sex.
You can't invite a former boyfriend or girlfriend to your wedding if their presence on your big day will upset your fiancé. That's just a hard and fast rule and you're not allowed to break it.
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As a menopausal woman, I have a ton of shit going on in my body. What I have been told over and over and over again is that as I age I can anticipate my sex life basically swirling down the toilet along with last night's cost-prohibitive organic, vegan-friendly, heart-healthy supper. I'm not buying it.
If you want to promote your regular buddy into a fuck buddy but you're worried that crossing the line might ruin your friendship