fruit recipes

Sure, you could eat plain ole fruit for breakfast. But wouldn't it be even better if the fruit was baked or blended into something delicious?
Fruit, in all its dewy goodness, is Mother Nature's original dessert.
The only thing McGruther suggests being cautious about is how the ripeness of the banana changes its flavor. "Overripe bananas
Like our special individual qualities, the contrasting fruits are what make this salad so delicious and interesting.
Put down that wedge and try one of these unique recipes, where the summer fruit gets incorporated into lemonade, salads, frozen
We're all familiar with the classic children's snack of ants on a log, which consisted of celery, peanut butter and raisins (or chocolate chips as a treat). Well, think of this as the adult version!
One of my 5 year old son's favorite snacks are fruit leathers-they are basically homemade fruit roll-ups. They are a great heatlhy snack and super easy to make. They don't have any chemical preservatives or artificial sugars and they still taste delicious!
Now that fall has arrived, I am relishing the last batches of figs: putting them on pizzas, tossing them into salads and roasting them with honey.
It's the best way to showcase this fruit.
Think it's just a fuzz-less peach? Well, fine. But we still think they're special.
Never leave home without your watermelon.
They make even better cakes, tarts and ice cream.
Don't let this summer fruit pass you by.
It's time to give this tropical fruit a try.
This dessert will help you survive summer.
The best thing about this peach cake recipe is the cornmeal that replaces part of the flour. It makes the cake a little heartier
Stay cool this summer with these popsicles.