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The reason that protesters in Chicago are now intensifying their anger, with some now getting arrested, is because they sense corruption not just around the McDonald case and not just around the department, but around the entire system.
Let's cut to the chase: Laquan McDonald's shooting and video are the wake up call to all Chicagoans that we need a New Chicago. A new mayor and a new city council.
Slivers of change amidst substantial continuity illustrate the ongoing need to fight for a more just and open city whose streets far too often have been soaked with the blood of young black men, including one whose life literally went up in puffs of smoke.
The Chicago mayor must be held accountable for obstructing justice for Laquan McDonald, activists say.
Was the creation of a domestic Guantanamo-style "black site" made inevitable by the Pentagon's practice of unloading military surplus weapons on local police departments? Maybe -- but it's remarkable how many inevitable things can be avoided if the people in charge just refuse to misbehave.
The national sense of urgency over the reckless violence that two years ago yesterday took the life of an honor roll student like Hadiya Pendleton -- who just a week earlier had performed at President Obama's inauguration -- has vanished. Yet there are signs of change here in Chicago, however gradual.
Improving policing in departments with entrenched cultures has proven a challenging endeavor. Departmental culture plays a defining role in how police officers conduct their work, and it flows from the top, or, as they say, rots from the head.
I've been out here long enough to know that after the politicians and cameras are gone; after the communal outrage subsides; I know that the culture of death still presides.
Chicago Police Superintendent McCarthy has failed to deliver in the category of reducing homicides in Chicago. McCarthy arrived in Chicago in mid-2011 to take over as Superintendent after Supt. Jody Weiss resigned.
The 19-year-old, who also goes by the first name of Joseph, was supposed to take a United Airlines flight to Greensboro, but
Chicago homicides spiked by 47.1 percent over April 2013, shootings up 65 percent, but if you opened up the news today you will likely see none of that. Instead the city awakened to yet another "not so bad" article about how crime is really down.
Maria Gonzalez, a 39-year-old Jefferson Park woman, died after a man pacing outside her home slit her throat Thanksgiving
The question the public and lawmakers need to address is who would you rather meet on the streets of Chicago?
RIVER NORTH — Chicago's top cop called the U.S. war on drugs "a wholesale failure" Thursday and said a "holistic approach
As police struggle to quell the violence — which has historically kicked into high gear during the warmest months — new reports
If the funding is used up before summer as expected, a spokesman for Mayor Rahm Emanuel told the Sun-Times additional dollars
"It’s not one thing, it’s everything we do. It has to do with our deployment; it has to do with saturation deployment, which
"This is a tried and true method of reducing crime," McCarthy said of the operation, which is modeled after a similar initiative
Last week, Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart noted that his facility is only eight inmates short of capacity thanks to the Chicago