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The Marco Marco label sets a new precedent with the debut of its Collection Seven line.
"I freed myself," she said. "The moment you completely show your true authentic self, your world has changed. We all have
As for so many of my friends who were present to listen to the president, all the aspects of my life seemed to have come together to help produce positive change. The education, advocacy, community service and political lobbying and maneuvering all have that one goal: to create a better world for the next generation.
Transgender fashion model and advocate Geena Rocero recalled her experience of being detained in an airport because her passport
Model Geena Rocero joins HuffPost Live to discuss being detained because she couldn't change the gener on her ID.
Transgender characters in entertainment were always around, but as the punch line. When it came to news, it was usually about a hate crime. And I can tell you from personal experience even that coverage had to be fought for, from Brandon Teena to Fred Martinez to Gwen Araujo.