Good Stress

A researcher is discovering the differences between good and bad stress.
Through the deliberate application of self-awareness and informed practice, men can be empowered to take advantage of the million-year-old technological wonder that is the nervous system. Make the most of this powerful ally by learning when to turn it on or off and how to do so.
Change up your surroundings. Stressors are also deemed positive or negative by the attitude we bring to the table about them
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This might sound a little crazy, but what if it's the very fact that we assume stress is bad that's actually making it so bad for us? And what if there were another way to think about stress -- a way that might actually make it a force for good in our lives?
There are three things we're guaranteed in life, says health educator Carol J. Scott, MD: "Death, taxes, and stress." And
Turns out, your guilty pleasures (red wine, video games) may not be so guilty after all. And those pesky side effects of