h. jon benjamin

The voice actor is willing to let the judicial system decide who gets to use the ISIS acronym.
The actor weighs in on the speculation surrounding Gene Belcher's sexuality.
"I like the tinnitus gag. For some reason I always laugh at me having to unclog my ear after a gunshot," Benjamin said while
Watch the trailer above, but beware... Nash wrote and directed "Jason Nash Is Married" based on his web series of the same
) Check out this utterly charming animated short from Vulture and McSweeney's featuring the brilliant H. Jon Benjamin ("Bob's
"Bob's Burgers" has been renewed for Season 5, Fox announced Thursday. The new season will consist of 22 episodes. "'Bob's
Of all the riches that "Archer" provides, perhaps the most consistently delightful is the creative nicknames the spies dish
In other casting news... In addition to "GCB," Shor's other TV credits include "Mildred Pierce," "Damages" and more. Tamara