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The voice actor is willing to let the judicial system decide who gets to use the ISIS acronym.
The actor weighs in on the speculation surrounding Gene Belcher's sexuality.
The film is the first feature to be released by Comedy Central's CC:Studios and it will be available for download on June
) Check out this utterly charming animated short from Vulture and McSweeney's featuring the brilliant H. Jon Benjamin ("Bob's
"Bob's Burgers" has been renewed for Season 5, Fox announced Thursday. The new season will consist of 22 episodes. "'Bob's
Of all the riches that "Archer" provides, perhaps the most consistently delightful is the creative nicknames the spies dish
In addition to "GCB," Shor's other TV credits include "Mildred Pierce," "Damages" and more. Kristen Chenoweth may be out
Fans of animated comedy have known H. Jon Benjamin’s gruff deadpan since the days of Comedy Central's "Dr. Katz, Professional
Perhaps I enjoy "Bob's Burgers" so much because it's an optimistic family sitcom that doesn't turn me off with mawkishness, cliches or tired writing ... It doesn't merely play around with familiar tropes for the sake of brittle, arch comedy.
“It was an easy decision to order more Archer,” said Nick Grad, executive Vice President of Original Programming for FX. “Adam
Of course, we're sure Benjamin actually does watch and was simply being his usual funny self. But there's nothing funny about
Jon Benjamin, the voice of "Archer," Bob on "Bob's Burgers," Jonathan Katz and just about everything else, appeared on "Conan
Benjamin, who recently displayed his fondness for pranking people in public with his bit "You Can't Shoot Here!" on Comedy
This week began with two media giants exploring uncharted territory. Jon Stewart made his first appearance on a Sunday morning
Fans of "Archer," "Dr. Katz" and "Bob's Burgers" know, Jon Benjamin lends his voice to some of the funniest shows on television
If you live near New York City, or even in New England, you see the TV ad for the New York Times Weekender subscription a