housing boom

Soaring rents are edging workers out.
Timing mattered in the 2000s -- unless you were black.
Nick Lardy, China specialist at Washington's Peterson Institute for International Economics, says the rebalancing underway in the world's second largest economy is a good thing.
The vast sports stadium complex in the distance will host China's National Traditional Games of Ethnic Minorities later this
"These stronger results demonstrate the sales leadership of the housing/home improvement segment and Home Depot's strong
The study found that a principal reduction program would save more than $7,000 per underwater household on average and boost
That was then. Now, some investors are exiting the market, scaling back or dialing down expectations. Representatives for
WASHINGTON, April 30 (Reuters) - The share of privately owned U.S. homes in the first quarter dipped to its lowest since
A move by U.S. officials would be the first federal enforcement action against a major credit rating agency over alleged
The deep financial crisis and recession of 2007-2009 kept many Americans from leaving their parents' nests and drove others