humane society

The designation was made to raise public awareness of the many cats and dogs waiting for forever homes.
The owner told authorities he needed help to remove the dogs.
The two beagle mixes are recovering after being rescued by a state trooper and a truck driver who said he witnessed the horrific scene.
The youngsters' tails were knotted together with long grasses and plastic strips their mom had used for their nest.
An internal investigation found sexual harassment complaints against CEO Wayne Pacelle were swept under the rug.
Hint: If it’s too cold for you, it’s probably too cold for your dog.
Fur is no longer “in” at Gucci: the brand announced it would stop using animal fur in their collections.
Veterinarians at the South Florida Wildlife Center in Fort Lauderdale are providing life-saving care to hundreds of injured and displaced animals in Hurricane Irma's wake, from bottle feeding baby squirrels to treating broken wings.
Some animals have even been evacuated to safer cities to make room in local shelters.
Pet ownership has definite upsides. You get companionship and exercise and the satisfaction of doing a good deed. Plus, people
The department purged public records for zoos, labs and commercial breeders.
"Companies that do not embrace that change are actually going to face risk."