We are Humanists first because we are human infants first, insusceptible of further branding at that time. No infant is Muslim
Every academic field laments popular ignorance of its area of study. Scholars of religion decry religious illiteracy, but
How to proceed with your own worldview? Polytheism spread over the planet several thousand years ago to produce a majority
Pardon me. This piece is admittedly too clever by half, but then again, so is The Gospel of Wealth. Two preachers, male and
Ancient and Renaissance Christian intellectuals claimed all that was beautiful and humane in pre-Christian Greek and Roman
In fact, this is an old story that has been repeated throughout history. I had a similar experience myself. It was the winter
As I read deeper in the literature of unbelief and 'freethought' from the past three centuries, it is interesting to see
There's no need for releasing the Searchers to find out the cause for the current incredulity about God. At some point in
On 11/9 the world woke up to a blue screen error, or better yet, a red screen error.
Independent Voter: 'Good people can be deceived, and even the elect of God can be deceived. (The 'elect' are those chosen
This kind of criticism is conventionally made of religion. I am not attempting some sort of rhetorical tae kwon do, to turn
First, the Trinity is referred to as 'three persons.' Second, there is a division of labor among the persons of the Trinity
Saying Jesus is fully divine and fully human is an illogicality that does not even rise to the level of a 'seeming' paradox
Those who oppress the wealthy insult their Maker, but those who are kind to the wealthy honor God. (Proverbs 14:31) Consider In politics, Evangelicalism's tail wags the dog: politics determines Evangelicalism's interpretation of
Humanist ethics rely on the pursuit of knowledge and rational thought--and what could be more rational than acknowledging
The beauty of Hellas was reflected in the faces of the Orpheus Luxury Collection team. Photo: Orpheus Luxury Collection. Dr
Religions also legislate marriage in order to legislate sex. But most ancient religious prohibitions against certain sexual
Islamophobia, or more relevantly, fear of Muslims, has led to persistent prejudice against a community of people who are just as compassionate and patriotic as anyone else.
All religions, except some forms of Buddhism, recommend prayer. From the Latin precare, which means to beg, prayer is just that: begging, pleading, imploring a God, or some other otherworldly figure, such as a saint.