humanitarian aid

After five years of war, Yemen’s poor health care infrastructure is unprepared to battle the pandemic.
The COVID-19 pandemic is a disaster on top of the many humanitarian disasters we already face, and it's a one-two punch for the most vulnerable.
Scott Warren could be retried on charges of "harboring" two undocumented migrants in Arizona after his first trial ended last month in a hung jury.
The Trump administration has hinted it wants to intervene to oust Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro.
Troops loyal to President Nicolas Maduro blocked convoys carrying humanitarian aid at the border and fired tear gas on protesters.
"More is on the way."
It's the first conviction against humanitarian aid volunteers in a decade.
No More Deaths says some volunteers face misdemeanor charges for supporting migrants on restricted federal lands.
The port in Hodeidah is the main lifeline for food aid to a country where 8.4 million people are on the verge of starvation.
'Help is getting fainter' in besieged Syrian region.