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A U.S.-based tech company will lead the renewed hunt for the jetliner that vanished in 2014.
You probably don't want to see one of these on a dark night.
By Robert Glasser Two years ago this month, Tropical Storm Erika, dumped an enormous quantity of rain on the small island
Christopher H Lim, Nanyang Technological University and Vincent Mack, Nanyang Technological University Though climate change
By Robert Glasser* It is 19 years since the world first met to discuss global early warning for natural hazards in Potsdam
By James M. Dorsey Pakistani General Raheel Sharif walked into a hornet’s nest when he stepped off a private jet in Riyadh
Ever wonder what it's like to summit Mount Everest? Now's your chance to find out.
[10] United States Census Bureau, "Trade in Goods with Djibouti," accessed 3/27/2016. USAID, "Food Assistance Fact Sheet
The emergence of a new global power has often profoundly shifted the geopolitical landscape and caused considerable discomfort
Indian Prime Minister Modi invited French President Hollande to be the guest of honor at India's Republic Day Celebrations in New Delhi last month. The seat is generally reserved for, and used by the office of the Prime Minister as, a signal of close and important state ties.
Trans Maldivian Airways (TMA), the nation's public inter-island air carrier, is the world's largest operator of sea planes
The object does not pose a threat, but "the show will still be spectacular."
No amount of money that I donated to a non-profit was going to do anything more than- possibly - provide a bowl of rice somewhere, which is a lot like sticking a Band-Aid on an amputation. What people needed more than anything were opportunities.
In the past I've referred to them as the kids who couldn't get a date for the prom. Now, I bet the engineers at the British satellite communication company inmarsat will be the coolest kids of summer.