jenna maroney

The "30 Rock" star would have been VERY different from Jennifer Aniston.
Language is never inconsequential. It is too easy to let self-harm pass for comical self-deprecation.
"The Rural Juror" returned as "30 Rock" came to an end. In the series finale of the NBC comedy, Jenna Maroney (Jane Krakowski
Tell us in the comments: What's your favorite musical moment from "30 Rock"? A little spoilery tease: There is quite the
In the Thursday, Jan. 17 episode, "Florida," Jack and Liz head to Florida to deal with Colleen's estate, Pete hits a producer's
Over the last seven years, Jane Krakowski has shown off her musical talents on "30 Rock." From "Muffin Top" to the most recent
Whether it was paying tribute to a departed diva or learning it's not easy being Cee Lo Green, TV was filled with awesome
They spent the half-hour battling one another to try and win her vote. Through narcissistic Jenna-centric logic, both Jack
"30 Rock's" fictional Jenna Maroney, Cable ACE Award nominee and star of NBC's "TGS With Tracy Jordan," is a woman of many
Jenna, along with "Queen of Jordan" star D'fwan and John McEnroe, will judge the kids singing competition on the "30 Rock