Jesmyn Ward

It's been a tough year — but a great one for books.
Glass Houses by Louise Penny "A meticulously built mystery that follows a careful ascent toward a breaking point that will
Empire executive producer Lee Daniels has optioned the film and television rights to Jesmyn Ward’s critically-acclaimed memoir
We might ask whether media matters when it comes to bringing clarity and light to complex issues of building social justice in society. Does it help? Or hurt? Do sensational stories elicit solutions that work?
"Through Trying Times: Stories of Loss and Redemption in the American South," featuring bestselling author Jesmyn Ward and New York Times columnist Charles Blow was part of the Los Angeles Public Library [ALOUD] program.
It's the top of the week, and if you're like us, a little Monday motivation is in order. Here are five things the editors
Whether you're traveling on vacation, sunbathing on the beach, or simply lounging in the park, nothing beats a good book
In this video, she details the aftermath of the hurricane that she survived, and the impact of race on the aftermath, including
With time running out until Christmas, we thought we'd share some of our favorite reads from the past year. Great books make great gifts.
During an interview with the Times-Picayune, before receiving the award, Ward said the nomination came as a surprise. "I