Kim Reynolds

“It’s never a ‘terrible thing’ to protect innocent life," Iowa's GOP Gov. Kim Reynolds said after Trump criticized six-week abortion bans.
Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds is staying neutral in the presidential race — for now. But in Trump’s GOP, even sitting on the sidelines can be an act of defiance.
Citizens can now get an abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy while the courts assess the new law’s constitutionality.
DeSantis said Republicans trying to "denigrate" Reynolds are "way off base" as he didn't rule out the Iowa governor as a potential running mate.
Gov. Kim Reynolds signed the bill into law Friday, but a judge is still considering abortion advocates’ request to put the restrictions on hold.
The coup-attempting, under-multiple-indictments former president is skipping a high-profile forum for evangelical voters.
The state could soon join other Republican strongholds in passing a near-total ban on the procedure.
The former president is reportedly frustrated by Gov. Kim Reynolds' closeness to fellow Gov. Ron DeSantis, his top rival for the GOP presidential nomination.
The state's auditor found that the Republican governor not only misspent the federal money but tried to conceal it.
As of July 1, people can buy handguns from private non-licensed sources such as websites, gun shows and individuals without a permit or background check.