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Keep medicines away from reach. Make sure it's high enough so that children will not be able to get a hold of the medicine
Credit: Cole Saladino/Thrillist Credit: Cole Saladino/Thrillist Sharpen knives Fun fact: dull knives are more dangerous than
Below is a list of some of my favorite products to stock your kitchen, so you're never more than a few feet away from a healthy meal or snack.
Mealime What it is: A slick-and-simple meal planner for busy single people and couples iTunes: Free Mealime makes it insanely
It's officially spring, and if your kitchen is still boasting last season's wares, this post is for you. Didn't think your baking needed a seasonal upgrade? It technically doesn't, but there are so many new, unique, and just-plain-awesome seasonally-inspired baking goods and tools, it just makes sense to add a few to your kitchen's arsenal.
It took me a while to discover healthy eating and I am still learning. Actually, it was my husband who introduced me to eating lots of new foods (especially veggies) and who taught me how to shop for fresh real food under a budget.
To find out what 9 other kitchen habits you should curtail immediately, get the full story at! Using gigantic
Or a Hair Dryer Can't find your crevice attachment? No sweat. Give the block a less-direct blast just by tilting it forward
Why it works: Warming lemons (or pretty much any citrus fruit) slightly loosens the insides so that the juice flows more
Credit: Cole Saladino/Thrillist 8. Cutting the onion close to a burning flame How is it supposed to work?: The open fire
Just when you thought you had it all figured out.
I know you are busy with daily tasks, but a few small changes make a big difference. You can simply replace unhealthy items on your counter with an inviting bowl of fresh fruit.
Kitchens are full of festering nooks and crannies that you undoubtedly never think to clean, so to find out about these hidden problem areas we talked to the experts. They told us about some places invisible to the untrained eye, yet totally disgusting, and how to deal with them.
As a kitchen specialist, I try to educate my clients on the mistakes they can easily avoid when remodeling their kitchens. While beauty and functionality are important in the design, longevity is an equally important factor. Kitchens are a significant investment and should be designed to last twenty years or so.
The act of brewing isn't all that complicated, but it's a very precise process that doesn't allow for much error. Before you get started, here are some basic things to keep in mind.
The biggest mistake people made was not cooling leftovers fast enough, followed by not having a working thermometer in their refrigerator. Third was not removing jewelry or keeping fingernails trimmed when cooking
You're halfway through a brownie recipe when you realize you have no eggs, and the grocery store is closed. You could go ask next door, but it's late, and you're already in your pajamas, and at that moment, an abandoned recipe is 100% preferable to a real life interpersonal interaction.