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"Let's see how the after-party goes," she told Punkie Johnson.
Bennett never quite became a marquee name on "Saturday Night Live" — but he smuggled plenty of heart, smarts and nuance onto the air.
"We're so close to the end" of the pandemic, "let's ruin it!" says Cece Vuvuzela (Maya Rudolph) on crazy game show.
Rapper honors striking teachers, the "second city" that "fathered me," and second choices.
Michael Keaton's "Julian Assange" boasts that he's the "scourge of the cleaning staff at the Ecuadorian embassy."
"Everyone’s pumped, from white men over 60 to white men over 70," gushes "SNL's" Mitch McConnell.
See a clip from the new movie about a man obsessed with a fake children's show.
Have you heard about Kyle Mooney? Kyle is awkward. Really awkward. So awkward it's funny. His video for Saturday Night Live's
Another week, another funny "Saturday Night Live" sketch that was cut for time. In this remote short, cast member Kyle Mooney
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