life balance

There is nothing in the tank and nothing left to give. Some days, you don't feel like a million bucks, no matter how desperately you want to.
While watching the incredible gymnasts compete in the Rio Olympics this past week, it struck me that the hard work, effort, and concentration they put into keeping their balance during their routines can shed some light on the reality of the "balance" we try to accomplish in life.
Like most parents, as I watch my kids grow older I sometimes get sad that I am not planning on having any more babies.
Then the next time you're faced with a different result than you'd originally planned, practice the art of allowing. Just breathe and let it go... and eventually the disappointment will fade. And it won't need to ruin your party -- even without a pony.
These five tips will help you start a conscious emotional cleanse.
This 13-year-old blogger challenged "hypocritical" parents. Here's what he learned.
Rather than going totally offline, small planned breaks can reap huge benefits without the stress of going cold turkey. The key seems to be in practicing mindful media use and making time for friends and family.
I believe working on yourself and maintaining a sense of balance can be more enjoyable and I am here to present a new way of dealing with your daily life so that you manage to experience a better sense of balance in everything that you do.
On the days when you're emotional balloon is about to burst and you're either going to scream, cry, quit or all of the above, give yourself one minute to breathe or three minutes to laugh. Those are the minutes that will fuel you.
It's okay to strive for great success, but not at the cost of your health and personal life. It's not cool to get to the
For the 20 months of our engagement, wedding planning took over my brain. Even during the months where we weren't booking vendors or planning anything in particular--we had 20 months after all--it was still there, just sitting in the back of my mind. I pinned about it; I researched; I budgeted. It was fun.
And just like that, my life is not my own. Not that it ever really was, but at least I could pretend I was in control for a while. Now that it's over, I'm back to being at the mercy of some strong force I cannot see. What's over? Why summer, of course.
Take out a piece of paper. Do some "unconscious" writing (writing without thinking too much, no corrections, no worrying about spelling or grammar, absolutely no editing -- it's a stream of consciousness). Write about your current situation, where you are and how it's making you feel.
I know I can be a more successful blogger. I know I could make it happen. I know I should put more time into it, that it would be worth it and I would be a better blogger, life comes first.
With 50 fast approaching, we knew we wanted to escape the safety and security we were taught was normal, and pursue life on our terms instead. We no longer want what most consider to be the safe route. We no longer want to live risk-free.
My motorcycling days are now in the rearview mirror. And while I regret that I will no longer pick bugs from my teeth, I also realize that I had a wonderful time while it lasted -- and I lived through two accidents. That's significant. And it's part of who I am.
What if having more money could actually be a hindrance for people? Is it possible that making enough money could be a hurdle that keeps people from exploring what would really make them happy and successful in this life?