looking for a job

While this sounds like solid advice for someone in need of a job, it isn't. Why? Because it affects your overall well-being. It also affects your effectiveness. Looking for a job shouldn't be a full-time job for those going through unemployment.
Thanks to highly disruptive advanced technologies, jobs -- even industries -- will soon vanish, becoming remnants of a distantly remembered past. Other positions will be more efficiently done by machines, eliminating the need for human employees. This has happened before -- indeed, since the dawn of the Industrial Age -- but never in history at the same speed and scale.
A successful career is a difficult and time-consuming journey. My hope is that these principles will help you avoid a few bumps along the way.
No, we're not talking about a spiritual journey here. We're talking about visiting Google and typing in your own name.
Age discrimination in the jobs market has been on the rise and many mid-lifers are struggling to gain traction in their search
3) Resolve to do more networking. There is a lot of truth to this: People get jobs because of who they know. We have friends
Like every other scary thing you might be faced with in life, once you've experienced it and made it safely to the other side it's not as terrifying as when it's a big unknown. So what do you do if it happens to you?
Most of us would readily acknowledge that networking is something we should do every day -- not just when we need to. But it takes work, commitment, even generosity.
Everyone is talking about networking, including career experts who preach its importance. However, it is a concept that is often misunderstood.
6. Giving to others is a good thing. I think I knew this my whole working life, but answered the need to give with my checkbook
3. Networking is your best bet. As Boomers, you've developed a larger network over the years than any other generation. Use
Today's stagnant job market holds special challenges for mature job seekers. Hiring opportunities are limited and the competition for jobs remains stiff. To be successful, you'll want to avoid the three common mistakes older applicants make.
What do you say to someone who has followed all your suggestions, done his homework, and is a good man... A good man who just can't seem to catch a break.
It's supposed to be like your wedding day or the birth of a child: blissful. Life affirming. There are flags and robes and sashes, hugs and cheers and high-fives, the band playing its jubilant heart out. But I have never felt less like celebrating.
If it turns out there is one dream job out there for you, social media is also a great place to do a stunt or go the extra mile to prove to them how great you are for the job. Go ahead, tweet your way to a job.
"A lot of freelancers have incredible skills but don't know how to market themselves and no one knows what they can do. A simple thing like creating an online portfolio on a web page can go a long way."
As strange as it may seem, I love looking for work. But I still make rookie mistakes.